On 12 June 2024, the Executive Committee of the Czech Football Association approved changes to the Transfer Regulations for football players which will have a significant impact on the content of contracts executed between football players and clubs in the Czech Republic.


These changes are the outcome of the Social Dialogue for Professional Football held between both European (European Club Association, European Leagues, FIFPro, and UEFA) and Czech (League Football Association, Czech FA, Czech Association of Football Players, and representatives of domestic clubs) football stakeholders which began in 2023, the aim of which was to ensure full compliance of regulations and players’ contracts with the minimum requirements for contracts for professional players issued by FIFA.  


The main change to the Transfer Regulations consists of the minimum remuneration for a professional football player in the “league professional contract”, which has to be at least the minimum wage in the Czech Republic. Some other significant adjustments are in regard to disciplinary proceedings, the right of players to suspend the provision of their services in the case of non-payment of remuneration by clubs, and rules for the transfer of players between A and B teams.  


Overall, these changes to the Transfer Regulations strengthen a player’s position towards the club and follow the trend seen at the European level where the role of players’ unions is gaining in significance.


As for the minimum amount of remuneration, the change will affect all league professional contracts signed as of 1 July 2024. The remaining changes will become effective on 1 January 2025, which will allow clubs to prepare for it on the condition that the Czech FA will provide a new model contract which can be used by clubs and will contain the minimum requirements as per the revised Transfer Regulations.


Zdenek Beranek, the sport law expert at PETERKA & PARTNERS, participated in the Social Dialogue negotiations as the representative of FC Viktoria Plzen, one of the leading Czech clubs and a member of the European Club Association.